NameJun(e) Luo  



OfficeMath Building 305-5  

Phone Number8620-84110120  

Postal Code510275  

AddressDepartment of Statistics; Sun Yat-Sen University; Guangzhou 510275  

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1999       PhD of Mathematics at Sun Yat-Sen University  

1999-2001       Post Doctor at Soochow University

2001-               Sun Yat-Sen University



Reseach Area(s)Tiling, Fractal Geometry, Dynamical Systems


Collaborators' webpages:


1. Shigeki Akiyama:

2.Anne Siegel:   

3.Jorg Thuswaldner:


Workshops at SYSU: 


1.  We are planning the Substitutive Tiling and Fractal Geometry workshop co-organized by Anne Sigel and me from July 4th to 11th in 2010. Please check the links:





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