发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2015-01-10



课程名称(英文):Computer Programming Languages






课程内容简介(中文):C语言是一门通用的程序设计语言,它广泛地应用于系统程序设计和各个领域中的应用程序开发中。本课程是为没有程序设计经验的学生开设的,主要是向学生介绍C语言各个方面的知识和结构化程序设计的方法。在语言方面,课程内容包括:C语言指导性绪论,基本数据类型、操作符与表达式, 函数的设计与程序的结构, 程序的控制结构, 指针与地址, 用户自定义的结构和联合体。 在程序设计方法上,采用伪代码的自顶向下、逐步求精的结构化程序设计方法。另外,课程注重讲授程序设计中典型问题的典型算法,并引导学生在程序设计中灵活地使用包括文件应用在内的各种标准C函数库。


课程内容简介(英文):C is a general-purpose programming language. It is widely used both in system programming and major application programs in many different domains.

The course aims to introduce students to the C language and structured programming, previous programming experience is not assumed。On the language aspect, the course begins with a tutorial introduction to C programming language, so that the students will capture the essential elements of the language as fast as possible. It then will discuss, in detail, all kinds of basic data types and operators and expressions, the design and using of function and the structure of programs, the control flow structure, pointers and address, and user defined structures and unions; On the aspect of the methodology of programming, top-down program design, structured programming techniques will be emphasized. Besides, the course will introduce the famous algorithms to some typical programming problems and guide students flexibly use the standard C library, including the use of file.